Personal Injury Law Firm Bixby, OK

As a locally-based, full-service personal injury law firm, we at the Romano Law Firm truly care about getting fair compensation for all of our Bixby clients.  After being injured by someone else, you have the right to take action and be compensated.  The experienced personal injury attorneys at the Romano Law Firm are equipped with the experience and expertise to handle all types of cases.  If you have been hurt physically, psychologically, or otherwise, you deserve to be heard.

Our law firm has experience fighting well-armed, well-prepared, and well-financed insurance companies, still getting our clients the desired results.  Our strength is our passion for helping our clients, the victims, pursue justice—the big insurance companies can’t match that.  We handle all types of personal injury cases, and we have experience Tulsa auto accident lawyers on staff.

Choosing a Personal Injury Law Firm in Bixby

After deciding to search for a personal injury law firm in Bixby, there will be a lot of information confronting you.  It’s important to sift through the facts to find a dependable law firm that will represent you well.  With the heart of a small firm and the muscle of a large one, the Romano Law Firm is the perfect Tulsa personal injury law firm to represent you in your case.  We always give our clients the time to explain their unique situation.  That way, your voice is never lost in an “assembly line” of law firm employees.

We also work with a team of legal and medical professionals who will help guide you toward recovery and full health.  While they work with you, they will carefully document all of your injuries in order to help our personal injury attorneys pursue all available legal remedies for your financial relief.

If you or someone you know has an injury as a result of someone else, do not delay; call the Romano Law Firm as soon as possible.  We can set up an appointment with our Bixby personal injury law firm immediately so that you can meet with one of our attorneys. Our clients come from throughout the Tulsa area, including Broken Arrow and Jenks.

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While we have offices throughout the Tulsa area, we can also fly or drive to meet clients. In addition, we offer webcam appointments. Our main Tulsa office is located at:

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