10 things that insurance companies do not want you to know!

Secret #1

Injury victims who are represented by an attorney get paid more for their injuries than victims who are not represented by an attorney.


Secret #2

The faster you act, the better off you will be.


Secret #3

A quick settlement is usually an inadequate settlement.


Secret #4

“Fast and friendly” service by an insurance company may be NEITHER fast nor friendly.


Secret #5

How delay tactics may jeopardize your claim.


Secret #6

There may be more than one kind of coverage applicable to a single injury accident.


Secret #7

It is not the AMOUNT of insurance that you have, but rather the KIND of insurance that matters most.


Secret #8

The fact that you cannot mention the existence of insurance to a jury.
(The non-joinder statute)


Secret #9

Colossus computer program — the dehumanizing way that insurance companies evaluate (and standardize) your case.


Secret #10

TORT REFORM AND “HOT COFFEE”. How insurance companies manipulate the jury system.